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Amore Jewelry Collection

Amore Jewelry Collection

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Experience the beauty of our captivating "Amore" handcrafted jewelry collection, a perfect choice for July birthday gifts! Embrace the vibrant energy and passionate essence of the color red, symbolizing strength, determination, love, and passion in every piece.

Each pendant in this collection has a stunning Silver-Finished design, while the earrings are expertly crafted from Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic materials, ensuring both beauty and comfort. 

Enhancing wearability, each pendant includes an adjustable 18-inch black cord and an elegant 18-inch silver chain, perfect for any occasion. To keep your pendant shining, a complimentary polishing cloth is included to maintain its brilliance and allure for years to come.

Personalize your gift-giving experience by adding a heartfelt message in the ORDER SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS BOX on the VIEW CART PAGE. 

**Please Note:** To preserve the longevity of your treasured jewelry, kindly remove it before bathing or swimming to ensure it remains in pristine condition. 


All orders will take approximately 3 - 5 business days to process. Delivery within the United States takes about 7 - 10 business days.

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