Alisa Marie - Artist Statement

My artistic process starts with a layer or a burst of molten beeswax for my stunning encaustic paintings.

Over the years, I've delved into experimenting and making different types of wax and acquired unique techniques for its application. Working with layers of wax has become a particular passion, allowing me to create new shades of colors and add incredible texture to my artwork.

At the core of my art mission is the desire to inspire and evoke emotional connections. I strive to bring joy and awaken happy memories through my art.

Every color I use holds its energy and purpose, and my study of them has deepened my appreciation for their impact. I firmly believe that colors have the power to set the mood in a space, bringing peace, joy, and serenity to those who admire my artwork.

Beyond my encaustic paintings, I extend my artistic expression to other forms. From crafting jewelry pieces that add vibrant colors to outfits to designing footwear and apparel that empower individuals and make them feel unstoppable, I aim to encourage people to express themselves freely and find inspiration in the colorful world around them.

My mantra, "Shine your light and color your world," expresses my artistic philosophy. Through my art, I aspire to spread positivity, foster self-expression, and bring brightness into the lives of others.

You can visit my studio at Lane House Arts Center at 380 Lafayette Rd (Rear) in Hampton NH. 

I also invite you to visit my store and explore my vibrant creations at ArtbyAlisaMarie.Com 

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate the opportunity to share my artistic journey with you. 

-Alisa Marie