Alisa Marie - Encaustic Artist and Surface Pattern Designer

Alisa Marie is a dedicated self-taught encaustic artist and breathes new life into this ancient medium. With a focus on vibrant, bold compositions, she challenges traditional boundaries and explores innovative techniques. Constantly pushing the limits of encaustic painting, Alisa experiments with unconventional materials and methods to create truly unique and thought-provoking works. Her aim is to connect with viewers on a profound and emotional level, leaving a lasting impact and inspiring their creativity and imagination.

Her artistic journey began over a decade ago when she discovered her passion for wax and started experimenting with melting wax onto canvas. Drawing inspiration from memories, emotions, and nature, Alisa creates captivating encaustic paintings characterized by rich hues and expressive forms. Her artwork beautifully reflects her profound connection to colors and their ability to convey meaning and evoke emotions. Through her brushless technique, she skillfully controls the melted wax, guiding it to blend and bloom into mesmerizing patterns. 
Creating encaustic paintings fills Alisa with boundless joy and a deep sense of healing. The process itself is a calming and rejuvenating experience, providing her with a serene sanctuary to express herself and find solace within her art. Furthermore, sharing her creations with others is not only a source of great fulfillment but also a way for her to inspire and touch the lives of those who appreciate her captivating work. 
Alisa Marie's artwork can be found on her online business website, She actively participates in vendor events and exhibits in local art galleries, showcasing her unique encaustic paintings that reflect her distinctive style and creative vision. Alisa is a dedicated artist passionate about vibrant colors and techniques setting her apart in her field. As a member artist of the Art Center in Dover, New Hampshire, Alisa engages in group exhibitions with fellow artists. She is also a member of the New Hampshire Art Association in Portsmouth, participating in group exhibitions alongside other talented artists. Alisa's studio space is at Lane House Arts Center in Hampton, New Hampshire, where she is a resident artist. 
Alisa is from Peabody, Massachusetts, and comes from a long line of artists and entrepreneurs. As a child, she grew up with many forms of art and music, including spending a significant amount of time with and learning from her Nana at her ceramic studio, Ann’s Ceramic Studio. 
Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Alisa Marie established her online business, Alisa's True Colors. Through this platform, she not only showcases her artwork but also offers exclusive jewelry, footwear, and apparel designs. This expansion into merchandise enables her to reach a broader audience and express her artistic vision through different mediums. Her products are available locally and sold across the United States and Canada, reflecting the growing recognition and appreciation for her art.
In addition to her artistic endeavors, Alisa Marie finds joy in cooking, writing poetry, singing, and reading, all of which contribute to her creative spirit. She values the time spent with loved ones, as they provide inspiration and support in her life. As an artist, Alisa Marie embraces the constant exploration and sharing of the vibrant world of color and encaustic painting. Her unwavering passion for her craft, entrepreneurial spirit, and diverse interests make her a dynamic and versatile artist.