Commissions and Collaborations

I am happy to offer commissions and collaborations, allowing you to add your personal touch into my creations.

Colors hold immense significance in our lives, from fashion choices to creating the perfect ambiance in our living spaces.

When you commission an original custom piece from me, we will explore the colors that resonate with you, ensuring a genuinely personalized masterpiece for your home or office.

Plus, I can transform your exclusive artwork into stunning jewelry or other products within my collection. And to complete the experience, custom framing services are also available.

Various factors, including size and the inclusion of a custom frame determine the cost of a commissioned piece. To begin the process, simply contact me to schedule a consultation. During this collaborative session, we will discuss your requirements and agree on pricing.

As a standard practice, a 50% deposit is collected upfront, with the remaining balance due upon completion.

I am excited about the opportunity to create something exceptional and custom-made exclusively for you.

Let's go on this creative journey together. Contact me today to initiate the process and bring your artistic dreams to life!

Thank you for considering my artistic services, and I look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you soon.

- Alisa Marie 💕